Island Women heading to Kenya for SOLID

February 21, 2014 by  
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SOLID Press Release:

On Feb 25th this year four adventurous women are heading to Kenya to distribute the proceeds of SOLID’s Christmas fundraising campaign, as well as other project goals. Lynda Turner (SOLID Director) will be joined by Shirley McIntyre (on her second volunteer trip to Kenya), Nancy Wiggen and Jackie Stibbards of Merritt, and they will be spending a month in rural Kakamega distributing the generous donations of Salt Spring Islanders. In total 21 goats, 48 solar lights and 44 chicken flocks were purchased and these will be distributed to families in the Kakamega region. Salt Spring Islanders are familiar with the Goat Project from last year, and this year SOLID is offering other alternative gifting options. Read more