Getting Ready for Kenya

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by Karen Siu

I have joined a group calling themselves SOLID which means ; Salt Spring Organization for Life Improvement and Development.

From the Island of Salt Spring the lady, Lynda, has been going to Kakamega in Kenya for approx. 9 years to deliver donated pregnant goats that have been donated by the local people on Salt Spring.  She also runs fund raisers to purchase water catchment units for local schools, and provide uniforms for the kids.  While in Kekamega she puts together sanitary kits for new moms in the maternity ward, visits the local orphanage and donates food for the kids there, and supplies books and used computers for the learning center she founded herself there.

Lynda is unable to go this year so I and another lady named Rita will be going in her place.  Many of my friends and associates have very generously donated goats that I will be personally presenting to the Woman with HIV.  I will try to get lots of pics of the event.  I have a bag of baby clothes from Anne, antibiotics from my dentist and friend Dr George Ho, 30 re-usable bags from Al the manager at Thrifys in North Vancouver, kids books, and lap top computers so badly needed at the learning center all packed up in 2 suitcases.

I have set this up to keep my supporters informed along the way.  I have a new camera to take lots of pics to share and am looking forward to the adventure.

Will be posting more soon.

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