GISS Leadership Fundraising Banquet December 9, 2011

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Students in the leadership program of the Gulf Islands Secondary School are organizing a fundraising dinner on the ninth of December to send menstrual kits to communities in Africa. The kits cost $5 each and consist of:
3 pairs of underpants (bought in the local market)
5 reusable pads (made by Dormer K)
1 small plastic pail with a lid (bought locally)
1 6″ bar of soap (bought locally).

The event is a dinner, it is set in three classes; upper class, middle class, and poverty. When you buy your ticket at the door or another location you will get a number 3, 2, or 1 this number represents what class you are in and where you will be sitting. For each class a different dish is served and service is given (example. upper class will have nice table cloths and will being served by a waiter. Poverty will be sitting on the floor and someone will come around and pass out bread and water to them with a small bowl of lentils.) This way of sitting is to show people what it is like to be under the poverty line and what it is like to be in the upper class in this country.

Each ticket will cost $25 for adults and $15 for students. There will be fair trade things sold and an auction of a painting from a local artist from Kenya. Everyone will be able to donate money and buy things. We are hoping for people to come with there wallets full and leave feeling like the money they have spent is going to a greater cause then buying something useless.

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