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Family Chicken Project

Solar Light Project

SOLID Family Chickens Project  SOLID Solar Lights Project
Support a family in Kenya with your purchase of this beautiful gift card.It will provide 5 hens, 1 rooster, and poultry wire for a Kenyan Grandmother who is caring for her orphaned grandchildren, left parentless by HIV/AIIDS.These chickens will form the basis of a flock, which will provide eggs, meat and money to support the family.The Grandmothers will also be given a workshop by a Kenyan poultry expert on the care and feeding of the poultry.  The chickens and wire will be delivered directly to the Grandmothers by Salt Spring Island residents.  Your support of this beautiful gift card will provide a high quality solar light for a Kenyan student in Standard (grade) 8.This will allow them to prepare in the darkness of night for their national exams, thus determining whether they go to Secondary School.Ordinary Kenyans do not have electricity and at the end of a long walk home from school, and chores around the Shamba (home-farm), there is no light left for studying.The solar lights, with a battery life of 2-3 years, provide a viable alternative and will be bought in Kenya and delivered to Kenyan school children directly by Salt Spring residents.