Apple Trees for Orphans

Africa Needs Trees ~~~ AIDS Orphans Need Security

In addition to important environmental benefits, fruit trees also provide African families with a source of nutritious food and a steady income over many years. For many rural families in Africa they are treated as valuable family assets, handed down from father to son.  But, when a family is broken apart by the tragic loss of it’s parents to AIDS, the remaining orphans often lose this inheritance.

Apple Trees for Orphans The Apple Trees for Orphans project aims to establish small orchards in rural communities for the direct benefit of children who have been orphaned by AIDS, and thus help them gain a more secure future.  In conjunction with other humanitarian and educational initiatives of SOLID, the project provides funds for the purchase and delivery of seedlings, and for training for orphans in the planting and maintenance of small orchards.

It is estimated that the average cost to purchase, deliver and plant one fruit tree in these orchards is $5.00 Canadian per tree.  The seedling stock comes from well-established commercial nurseries, delivery is by local transportation services, and labour for planting, maintenance and future harvesting is provided by the villagers and orphans themselves.

Apple Cards may be purchased at several outlets on SaltSpring Island, or requested by mail in multiples of 5 cards per packet.  These atractive, blank cards with envelope and sleeve, cost $5.00 each and come with a separate card notation stating that, “This card buys a tree for an African orphan.”  They make excellent ‘donated gifts’, or greeting cards for any occasion.

Apple Trees for Orphans” is funded entirely by private donations channeled through SOLID, and by proceeds from the sale of Apple Cards. Donations can be made through automatic bank transfers, through on-line PayPal, or by cheque to SOLID/Apple Trees. Please see the Donations Tab for more details.