Sala Hantle Africa

Sala Hantle (Stay Well) Africa is the arm of SOLID that reaches out to support our partners in health related projects in SubSaharan Africa.  Sala Hantle is supported by generous donations from our community, as well as the annual Sala Hantle Walk and Fun Run

Sala Hantle Walk & Fun Run 2008
Sala Hantle Africa Walk-Run at University of British Columbia

Sala Hantle (Stay Well) Africa is a project of the Saltspring Organization for Life Improvement and Development (SOLID). In early 2007, SOLID members Beth Gessinger, a nurse, and Anna Callegari, a pharmacist, traveled to Africa and identified several local projects critical to communities so heavily impacted by poverty and AIDS. With financial and human resources in such severe shortage, these projects continue to struggle to maintain even the most basic operations. This is where Sala Hantle Africa lends their support by providing direct financial aid to HIV/AIDS support and care institutions and organizations, and through securing in-kind support such as medical supplies, pharmaceutical drugs and other necessary supplies and equipment.

Sala Hantle Africa’s projects include:

Supporting a comfort fund and training of Home Based Care workers in the Ndi Moyo Palliative Care Centre in Malawi
Support for a clinic and basic medical care of the Kambhoke Orphan and Vulnerable Children School in Swaziland
Supporting a community clinic at the Phelisanong Disabled HIV-AIDS Orphans and Vulnerable Children Community Project in Lesotho

The Sala Hantle Africa Walk & Fun Run is a University of British Columbia Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences fundraiser for sub-Saharan African communities devastated by HIV/AIDS. This year the event is being expanded in partnership with VIDEA to include a fundraising run at Elk and Beaver Lakes in Victoria, as well as the primary event at UBC on March 15th, 2009.